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Code of ethics

Dear partner,


Transgourmet, as the leader in food distribution in Spain, has always been committed to carrying out its business with honesty, integrity, respect for its competitors and in accordance with the law.


This commitment should be demonstrated by all the people who collaborate with or work in our group. In order to bring together and set out in writing the meaning of integrity and responsible conduct, Transgourmet has prepared this Code of Ethics.


The content aims to set out the principles and values that should guide all workers’ behaviour, as well as their suppliers, customers, distributors, external professionals and representatives of Transgourmet.


Transgourmet’s commitment to its environmental and socio-economic surroundings is an inalienable value that attaches the greatest importance to the fair treatment of employees, customers and suppliers, authorities, investors and the general public.


I hope this Code of Ethics will be respected by all of us who are part of the Transgourmet team.



Below, you can find a summary of the most frequently asked questions in relation to our Code of Ethics. You can read the Code’s full content here.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to establish guidelines for action in the day to day work in Transgourmet and in the operation of Transgourmet business, based on the principles of integrity, honesty and transparency, and with full respect for the Law.

Who is it for?

The Code is for all people who work for and act on behalf of Transgourmet: administrators, managers, employees and/or linked external personnel.


The content of the Code will also be given to all companies that are linked to Transgourmet, as well as to suppliers, partner companies and counterparts with which Transgourmet is related.

What is the ethics committee and what are its functions?

The Ethics Committee is the body in charge of controlling and managing compliance with the Code of Ethics and ensuring that it is understood and respected by all people who work or are linked to Transgourmet.


Its members must:

  • Act with independence and impartiality.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of all data and actions carried out.

  • Ensure non-retaliation to those employees who make inquiries or inform in good faith about any alleged irregularity.

What channels of information, consultation and complaint does Transgourmet have and what are their function?

The channels of information, consultation and complaint, managed by the Ethics Committee, allow for every worker or person linked to Transgourmet, to:

  • Consult doubts about the Code of Ethics or other regulations.

  • Communicate breaches of or incidents relating to the Code of Ethics or other regulations.

  • Report facts that may be considered constitutive of a crime.


Transgourmet's information, consultation and complaint channels are:

  • Email:

  • Post: Transgourmet (Ethical Committee). Ref: Ethics Channel. Pol. "Empordà Internacional" C/Germans Miquel, s/n 17469 Vilamalla (Gerona).

  • Communication or complaint conveyed through the staff of the Human Resources and Corporate Director of Transgourmet.

  • By filling in the form on this website, with the possibility of doing so completely anonymously, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data at all times.


You can consult the full content of the Ethics Channel policy (Complaints Channel) here.

What responsibility do workers or people linked to Transgourmet have?

Every person linked to Transgourmet has the following obligations:

  • Be aware of, understand and act according to the guidelines described in the Code of Ethics.

  • When acting on behalf of Transgourmet in relations with other companies, they must advise of the existence of the Code, and of the importance of acting in accordance with the same.

  • Inform the Ethics Committee through the information channels of all those situations, of which they are aware of, that may breach the Code of Ethics.

  • Provide the Ethics Committee with the necessary information which allows it to determine compliance or not of the Code.

  • Communicate to the Ethics Committee any situation in which they are involved, whether as a person of interest, accused or convicted in any criminal procedure, or in administrative disciplinary proceedings of Transgourmet’s higher organisms.

What are Transgourmet’s guiding principles and behaviour guidelines?

Transgourmet’s principles are: integrity, honesty, transparency and good faith.


The behaviour guidelines established in Transgourmet are:

  • Act in accordance with the applicable laws and internal regulations, especially regarding safety, health and the environment.

  • Protect the human and labour rights of both employees and third parties.

  • Guarantee equal opportunities.

  • Avoid situations in which there may be conflict between the personal interests of the worker and/or those of Transgourmet.

  • Act with the criteria of impartiality and objectivity, especially in the field of purchasing and contracting services.

  • Reject any gift, special attention, discount or invitation.

  • Promote Transgourmet products based on their real and objective characteristics, and without discrediting our competitors.

  • Comply with all antitrust laws.

  • Follow good practices in tax matters, avoid fraudulent behaviour and collaborate with the authorities when they request information from us.

  • Scrupulously respect professional secrecy and the confidentiality of all related information.

  • Ensure protection for themselves and those who are part of our surroundings, including contractors and suppliers, in terms of health and safety.

  • Use the technological means made available by Transgourmet to its staff exclusively for professional purposes.

  • Ensure adequate use and protection of Transgourmet facilities and material, guaranteeing an efficient and appropriate use thereof.

  • Respect the political neutrality of the company.

  • Maintain exclusive dedication in the case of occupying a position of director or manager.

What is Transgourmet’s crime prevention model?

Transgourmet has implemented a Crime Prevention Model equipped with the necessary factors to prevent and/or detect any prohibited and/or illegal behaviour which may involve criminal liability for Transgourmet.


The Model set outs:

  1. The crimes that Transgourmet could commit according to art. 31 bis of the Criminal Code.

  2. The main policies, regulations and specific controls that Transgourmet has designed to prevent these possible crimes from being committed.

  3. The manner in which Transgourmet carries out the control, supervision and updating of the Prevention Model, which the Board of Directors has delegated to the Ethics Committee, under the supervision of the Compliance Officer and the control of Internal Auditor.

  4. The complaints channel through which queries and/or complaints may be submitted.

  5. Transgourmet’s disciplinary system in relation to the Prevention Model.

  6. Verification and continuous and periodic improvement of the model.

  7. Training and communication regarding criminal risks.


You can consult the full content of our Crime Prevention Model here.

What is the Code of Ethics’ period of validity?

The Code of Ethics is applicable until its cancellation is approved.


The Code will be revised and updated periodically by the Management Committee, taking into account the proposals and suggestions made by the employees and in accordance with the new relationships and obligations acquired by Transgourmet.


The final approvals of each of the Code of Ethics updates will be made by the Transgourmet Board of Directors.

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