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Euromadi Group was created from the fusion of interests between partners and suppliers whose relationship is based on the concept of mutual benefit. Throughout all these years the group has managed to consolidate its position in Europe, expanding the business in Portugal and establishing a high index of competitiveness in distribution. One of the main characteristics of the Euromadi Group lies in the strength of the union of its associates. A key player in the distribution sector and always faithful to its mission to provide the best service to its associates, its main objectives are: Participation as a growth base, transparency as a management model, diversification as a guarantee of development, innovation as platform of progress, integral quality as a permanent norm and, finally, negotiation as a tool of competitiveness.


Transgourmet joined Euromadi in 2009, and we are pleased to now be board members. Being part of this purchasing group has allowed us to make a quantitative leap in our management and expansion. It has also been a source of constant innovation, having developed from being a centre for purchasing, to a centre for services with very important projects for its partners, adding value to business.



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